DGM USA Atlanta is proud of the level of expertise of our employees and their commitment to finding tailored solutions for each client.  We take a life cycle approach to dangerous goods management, realizing that the production, shipment, handling, and disposal of dangerous goods are all intertwined.  Our goal is to empower your organization in its efforts to handle dangerous goods safely, cost-effectively, and in compliance with the regulations.

DGM USA Atlanta offers a wide variety of dangerous goods, environmental and safety-related services designed to help your company meet its federal, state, and local requirements.  Whether performing an environmental site assessment prior to a real estate transaction, or building a comprehensive corporate dangerous goods program from the ground up, DGM’s consulting services can deliver the right compliance solution.  Our associates bring years of dangerous goods and environmental compliance experience brought from the nation’s largest air carriers, hazardous waste disposers, and environmental remediation firms.  From waste management to hazard communication, we have the know-how to meet your needs at either the facility or corporate level.

With decades of relevant experience in managing virtually every stage of the life cycle of dangerous goods, our associates have the unique ability to offer a comprehensive schedule of dangerous goods related services.  Let us be your technical resource and solutions provider for all your dangerous goods needs.

DGM has the expertise required to assist your company in compliance with the various regulatory agencies governing the transportation of dangerous goods around the world. DGM is known for expert advice regarding the transportation of hazardous materials, regardless if you are shipping ground, air or ocean.


  • Dangerous Goods Management Programs
  • Hazardous Materials Discrepancy Reporting
  • Transportation Compliance
  • Compliance Audits
  • Compliance and Operational Assessments
  • State Exemption & Competent Authority Assistance
  • Regulatory Interpretation requests
  • Regulatory process assistance
  • Penalty Investigation & Mitigation
  • Environmental Services
  • Waste Management
  • Environmental & Waste Compliance Programs
  • Environmental Site Assessments
  • Chemical Life Cycle Management
  • SDS Management Programs


  • Expert Knowledge & Experience
  • Lower Cost Than Internal Resources
  • Short/Long Term Managed Costs
  • DG is Not Your Core Business
  • Internal Resources Too Focused on Operations