Federal regulations require Dangerous Goods Training, and proper documentation of same for any and all employees who perform a pre-transportation function(s) which affects the safe transport of Dangerous Goods. Federal Law defines these people as “Hazmat Employees”. If your company deals with Dangerous Goods, your employees must be trained to the regulations.


Failure to comply with domestic and international Dangerous Goods shipping regulations can result in serious injury, even death to your employees. In addition, you run the risk of rejected, frustrated shipments, loss of customer good will, and possible fines as high as $77,114 per day/per violation. You could even become known as an “Unacceptable” shipper/carrier of Dangerous Goods by the Industry as a whole.


Mistakes can lead to accidents and most result from a lack of understanding of the law, or willful disobedience of the laws surrounding dangerous goods. Shortcuts taken by untrained people, or people with no respect for the laws regarding dangerous goods, put all employees, as well as your company in great danger. Trained employees who understand and follow the requirements can make sound decisions for the safe transportation of your dangerous goods shipments, and ensure the safety of their peers.


As one of only seven IATA Accredited Training Centers in the United States, DGM offers training for transportation of Dangerous Goods in all modes. Training can be tailored to your specific needs and customized to your unique circumstances. In addition, we offer a wide range of catalog classes, and you may choose online, on-demand, or instructor lead classes. The possibilities are endless.

DGM’s World Class Training Programs are designed to help your company meet both regulatory and industry standards, while providing your employees with firsthand knowledge of the best processes to use in shipping your dangerous goods. In addition to our training, for nearly 20 years, DGM has handled Dangerous Goods shipments for hundreds of companies. DGM Services Inc. has become known as an industry favorite for packaging, crating and shipping hazardous and non-hazardous shipments alike of any size, by any mode, to anywhere in the world. Our pedigree of world-wide clientele including numerous “Fortune 500” companies speaks for itself.

DGM’s training programs will provide your employees the knowledge and confidence to properly prepare and ship Dangerous Goods.


You may inquire about our services using the form below, or feel free to contact us at (687) 228-2235 for a direct conversation regarding any of our Dangerous Goods services. For training requests, please include the name of the course and number of students you wish to register, and we will contact you with a choice of options to meet your needs. You will find no better training or operational support services anywhere in the world. Call or register today.

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